Entry #2

Somewhere In Nevada

2007-09-22 23:09:13 by soakdeathwish

Well, It's up there, you now may just have a reason for visiting this page so it may as well be worth your while: Here's a shitty pun for you:

My family was really poor, and every christmas my present was a hair cut, then we sat down to turkey with all the trimmings.

Don't complain. It's better than nothing.


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2008-09-26 12:06:58

first comment :D


2009-10-20 23:42:40

hi~! i just saw yoru animation and the day it was submitted so i was wondering when this part two you spoke of was going to grace Newgrounds. ^_^ having yet to animat a thing myself i understand that sometimes good work takes a while so it may be just nOObish of me to think that two years is a long time.